Community of Practice.DK

Online peer coaching

The purpose of this peer group is to help you accelerate value creation in your community of practice through the current context of your peers' work in Danish organizations.

Social Learning Talent contributes by creating the right conditions for the group of community of practice practitioners to get high value for time invested in online sessions and activities. 

It includes working with the group of community of practice practitioners to identify related challenges.

To be more specific, we:

  • facilitate highly interactive online sessions with focus on the shared questions and authentic challenges of the group participants, thereby building learning partnerships across organizations.
  • offer one-on-one online coaching and support sessions
  • facilitate online discussions and foster engagement through quality group interactions 

Group sessions include a deep-dive into various aspects of value-creation in a community of practice for you to gain profound insights into latest developments in the field.

Thereby you gain good understanding of how to advance value-creation in your community of practice, foster loops of feedback and learning.


The group size is small enough for you to build good relationships with each other – maximum 20 new requests are accepted per year.

For overview of participants and their professional backgrounds we use a closed group. You will have access right after you complete your organizational registration. 

The online group sessions typically take place on Fridays. Timing is always based on the preferences of participants.

There is always an additional session scheduled on the following Friday in case of a public Friday off in Denmark. For example, Friday the 11th of April, 2020 would be moved to Friday the 17th of April, 2020.

Summer break starts on the 1st of July, 2020 and the group activities resume on the 1st of August, 2020.

Each group session is recorded and made available for viewing after the session. 



One member

excl. VAT
  • 12 months of membership
  • Group app and online room on Adobe Connect
  • Monthly online group sessions
  • Up to 5 one-on-one coaching and support sessions
  • 1 free membership transfer
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Up to 3 members

excl. VAT
  • 12 months of membership
  • Group app and online room on Adobe Connect
  • Monthly online groups sessions
  • Up to 5 one-one-one coaching and support sessions per person
  • Up to 3 free membership transfers
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