Design for Value Creation

Implementation Package

The purpose of this implementation package
is to help you frame, plan and design for value creation, including launches and relaunches of social learning initiatives, communities of practice and networks.

To design for value creation often requires productive interaction between a diversity of groups whose voices are essential to developing a sustainable social learning design. For example, technical experts, product managers, marketing and sales employees when it comes to product development practices. Or product owners, user experience and software designers in agile practices. Or engineers, construction specialist, quality and safety experts for construction practices.

I contribute by creating the right conditions for productive work across organizational boundaries and helps you make a sustainable social learning and community of practice design.  

It includes working with the team to clarify contributions of various sub-groups. To be more precise, we conduct a systematic review of the type of professional insights that are necessary for effectiveness of social learning in order to optimize the quality of  outputs, their implementation and effect on your organization. 

The flow

You can clearly see a learning loop in the flow of my services to design for value creation.

Our work starts with creating an inviting dialogue for people who can provide an important contribution.
Depending on your goals, we design a community and facilitate launch activities for people to bring forward what they need from each other.
To close the loop, we conduct evaluation and review of the community design and the launch activities, both successes and shortcomings.


As a rule of thumb, we need approximately 6 weeks to support you through a thorough design and launch. This includes our time and a decent contribution of 5-10 people in your organization. 

You are very welcome to get in touch at any time, we are ready to guide you.

Experience shows that you will get most out of it when

  • your strategic and organizational goals are well established
  • you have defined how you want to achieve your goals and have taken organizational decisions to support communities of practice, networks or social learning solutions.

Design for value creation already NOW