Social learning leadership

Global Community
of Practice

The purpose
of this global community of practice is to help you see what social learning leadership
is like for other people who have been practicing the disciplines of social learning leadership and experienced how it applies in their professional roles and life.

This is an invitation to share your own Social Learning Leadership journey and meet others across the globe or maybe even next door – an invitation to join me and build learning partnerships in this group.

The certificate in Social Learning Leadership has changed my own understanding of what good work with people is all about and I am very eager to see what it is like for you. I discovered the field for myself in 2014 when working for a corporate university in one of the Renewable Energy organizations. It is been a meaningful journey ever since and I am fascinated to see where it will take me. 

I really hope you will join!

I am intrigued to see if we can develop a shared practice and a regime of competence! Or something completely else!?

From Social Learning Talent, I contribute by providing the space and the time for conversations to take place, as much as by sharing my own passion for the field. 



The group size is small enough for us to build good relationships with each other. We try to keep at maximum 40 members.

For overview of participants and their professional backgrounds we use a closed group. You gain access right after your registration.

You are also welcome to schedule an online conversation to find out more about this global community before you join. Scheduling plugin is found in the Contact page of this site.

We always have one online conversation scheduled a week, either on Thursdays or Fridays (GMT+1). Specific timing is adjusted to registered participants, which can for example be Thursday 22:00 p.m., GMT+1 or Friday 10:00 a.m., GMT+1. 

We reschedule the online conversations in case of public Thursdays or Fridays off in Denmark, when it is possible. 

Summer break start on the 1st of July, 2020 and the group resumes on the 1st of August, 2020.

There are online sessions each week, so you always have another chance.

We also have a dedicated Adobe Connect room, where extra online conversations can be arranged when necessary. 


Small administration fee / 2020

Monthly subscription:

excl. applicable taxes
  • Full access to the community through Adobe Connect and Mighty Network
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Yearly subscription:

excl.applicable taxes
  • Full access to the group through Adobe Connect and Mighty Network
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