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Consultancy for Social Learning Sponsors and Leaders

Tailored services

Together with your social learning talents you are not alone in your desire to execute at a cutting edge of capacity common for your organization.

Your social learning talents understand that competences, knowledge and practice is something to be nurtured and celebrated. It is what makes your organization unique at the end of the day. It does not, however, come without major challenges when they attempt to unlock this capacity through communities of practice, collaborative projects, teams or networks.

Let me help them with doing it well.

I can provide internal teams with  tailored support when they want to excel at:

  • facilitation of complex learning events with multiple stakeholders and participant groups
  • systematic review of value creation in learning activities, communities of practice or networks

I specialize in helping internal teams with social learning sponsorship, leadership and facilitation which can advance your organization’s ability to create value, first and foremost, in order to execute your organizational goals at a cutting edge of joint competence, knowledge and practice.